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I Love My Life!

My goal is for everyone that works with or for me to be M. Powered. As the Owner of Love My Life Inc., Founder of Old School Funk®, and licensed realtor, I have the ability to create the life I live on a daily basis and never have two days alike. 

Since 2005, I've owned four incorporated companies on both sides of Canada.

I am an artistic soul, fueled by FREEDOM.

From Life Coaching, Personal Training, Mentorship, Dance and entertainment to  Coordinating, Directing, Casting, Choreographing, adjudicating, and performing.

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There’s something to be said about seclusion. Breaking down your walls, being inside your head for a while (I live there), dissecting each and every aspect of your life, (constantly) and utilizing all the resources possible to ensure you’re creating the best life for you. Click to read more ...

Live Full - Die Empty


There’s something to be said about seclusion...Breaking down your walls, being inside your  head for

Upcoming Classes, Workshops, and Events

  • Date and time is TBD
    Thunder Bay, 1350 King Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7K 1L7, Canada
    PLEASE NOTE: NO TICKETS BEING SOLD ON HERE, CLICK LINK BELOW FOR ALL TICKET & DETAILED INFORMATION: The Ontario Winter Games run from Feb. 16 - 26, 2024, at sporting venues across Thunder Bay. The Games are supported by the Ontario Government through its Games Ontario program.


WhatsApp: 905-220-3012

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