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There is so much more and one day she will write a memoir. 

Misty is the Owner/CEO of Love My Life Inc., The Founder of Old School Funk ®, &

Licensed Realtor. She’s a free spirit, a creative artistic soul that never stops dreaming.


Coach Misty’s biggest achievement is being an incredible single momma. Currently living in Ontario, Canada for the past 9 years, after living out west for 11 years and most recently Central America. Traveling is an absolute must and having a remote business allows her the freedom to explore. From owning her first house at 21, to owning/managing 4 companies before She was 30, to personally losing 80lbs, and most recently publishing her first book (Sunny & Luna), alongside her incredibly talented daughter.

Misty loves animals and everything creative. Especially Dance, Theater, Acting, Writing, Painting, Podcasting, and Voice acting. She enjoys capturing moments through Photography, Blogging, Vlogging, Etc. 

2006, Misty began her mentorship journey and decided to open a  registered Licensed Day Care Facility through the Fraser health board in BC., This was initially to have the ability to raise her daughter. Over the five years Mommy Daycare was open, Misty worked with many inner city children, Indigenous communities and troubled teens with babies. She wanted to be the person she needed as a kid for someone else. 

2007, Misty had that opportunity and was paired up with her little sister Kim for 7 years. This was made possible through BBBS Canada, also labeled an ambassador and youth advocate for anti bullying. Misty has been involved with Big brothers big sisters for over 14 years & United way Canada's Impact speaker for 8 years. In 2017 Misty was one of the faces/stories for the national campaign, change to success for UWC.

2007 her entertainment sector was launched under M.T Star Enterprises Inc. Opening an award winning, competitive dance studio CanEuro Dance Inc. This was a dream come true and years in the making.


2010, Misty began her Coaching certifications with InfoFit Educators, while completing her Real Estate course through UBC, Sauder School of Business. She stays active and works with her dad when needed.


2014 Misty took her business model to Ontario. Misty has personally trained and facilitated thousands of students, clients, and contracts since we opened.

2015 Misty Founded Old School Funk® This registered trademark, dance fitness format is geared toward the adult and active senior sector. Shortly after this movement began, Misty started getting inquiries about re-opening the entertainment sector in Ontario. That's when Alter Ego Entertainment was born.

With 20+ years in the world of entertainment, Misty and her team(s) have performed and collaborated with world renown Artists, DJ's., Elite Private Parties, Corporate events, Venues, festivals etc.


The last five four years have allowed the opportunity to collaborate on the 2021/N22 Niagara Summer Games. Misty created "The Shelly" Dance and was hired as The official Choreographer and Mascot since 2019.

Misty is currently contracted with The ministry of tourism & recreation as PACHI the porcupine, mascot for Ontario.


There is no question, Having Misty on your team and in your life is an asset.

Hillel quote: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”

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