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This registered trademarked dance fitness format is geared toward the adult and active senior sector. Old School Funk ® is a movement, it's a place where you can move and groove to all your favorite hits from the 50's,  60's, 70's, and  80's. We also offer Milestone celebrations (Music from 50's -80's or 80's - Y2k), this is where Old School Funk® comes to you.

Old School Funk ®

Old School Funk®
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All Categories
Old School Funk®


Since 2015 Old School Funk® aka OSF, is known to create a fun, active and social environment, geared for the adult and active senior sector.


You will move and groove to all your favorite hits from the 50's, 60's,70's, and 80's.


This registered trademarked dance fitness format is a movement driven by the soul and fueled by the music. We offer dance classes in studio/ online, social events, and Milestone celebrations (Music from 50's - 80's or 80's -Y2k), We bring the Funk to you. 

Our Goal is global and our slogan is simple,

Peace, Love & Old School Funk®


How it started 

My name is Misty Temelkovski, I am the proud owner, founder and choreographer. This all began back in 2015 when I was looking for a dance class that encompassed dance and oldies music. Since I couldn't find it anywhere, I started playing with the idea of creating such a class. However,  I didn't see an opportunity to execute. At that time I was teaching up to 82 classes a month in multiple cities, while building my business Love My Life Inc.


It was a Wednesday, I arrived at my first day of my new chair aerobics class, my students were half asleep or sleeping. I left the class almost in tears because it was boring and sad to see. I called my mom and she said " Honey! Make it your own and think about what you would want to hear and how you can make it fun and different". 


I went back the following week with my favorite oldies playlist and my idea of what I thought would make an incredible class. I Pressed play and had everyone alive, smiling and engaged, It was magical to say the least. After 8 years, a thousand plus classes, and over fifteen hundred members (in multiple cities), along with the stories and memories from all my students who who reflected and reminisced back to their era, I realized that I created a movement. These classes are driven by the soul, fueled by music, and simply priceless.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining what I believe can become a WORLDWIDE movement.

Peace, Love , and Old School Funk®

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